Let’s Talk About Food!

Finding ways to unplug and maintain our peace in the midst of a hectic, busy work week can seem daunting and sometimes even overwhelming. We often question ourselves, “Do I have time to take a break?” “My to-do list is growing. How can I even think about relaxing right now?”

But what we sometimes don’t realize is that us recharging is inevitable for us being our best and efficient self. Don’t worry, recharging doesn’t need to mean dropping the ball or allowing our to-do list to go unnoticed. In fact, it is possible to make one of our daily “obligations” something that helps us to reground ourselves after a busy day. The answer is mindfulness practices!

Mindfulness practices are proven to:

  1. Lower stress levels
  2. Help with getting more sleep
  3. Improve focus
  4. Reduce anxiety
  5. And, so much more

Yes! Being more present and in the moment allows us to better our well being. Because we need food to live, tying food into our daily mindfulness is something that can fit easily into our schedules. So it’s time…Let’s talk about food!

Here are four ways that you can incorporate mindfulness into your day through your meals.

Stop Multi-Tasking!

Often times when we are eating, we are doing something else at the same time–scrolling on social media, texting, watching a show, working, the list goes on. Challenge yourself to eat your meal and do just that. Focus on the food that you are eating using all 5 senses and acknowledging your observations while eating. This will slow down your eating and give you the opportunity to be in the moment during your meal.

Grab Something Healthy!

Yup, that’s right. Being “mindful” of what you put into your body is a mindfulness practice as well. When we are stressed, we often pick up comfort foods that may not always be good for us and only offer short-term comfort. Healthier options can have a better impact on your mood and stress reduction.

Get Cooking!

Cooking your own food offers so many mindfulness practices! Not only can one be in the moment while using their senses when cooking, but one can take a block of their time to put all of their focus into creating something as well. So get out a recipe and be mindful in each moment of the cooking process–the chopping, the plating, and the eating!

Gratitude will help change any attitude!

Gratitude practices offer so many benefits, so what’s better than adding a gratitude practice into your meal? As you’re eating take time to think about why you are grateful for the meal you are eating and carry this gratitude with you after you complete your meal.

Have other mindfulness practices that you enjoy doing with food? Shoot me an email or leave a comment below–I’d love to hear more about how you incorporate them into your daily life!

About Alyssa McCall

Alyssa is a psychotherapist in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Her research specializes in raising career self efficacy and self esteem in women of color as well as media's impact on these items.

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