3 Ways to Uncover your Worth during the COVID-19 Crisis

Alyssa is interviewed by Michell Stanley around ways to increase one’s self-worth during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Working my Worth in the Workforce during the COVID-19 Crisis Webinar Series

Session 1: Honing My Sparkle

Alyssa facilitates the first session for the Working your Worth in the Workforce Webinar Series focusing on ways to Hone your Sparkle.

Session 2: Assess your Needs

Session 3: Boundaries are not an Option

Freeish – Juneteenth reflections and wellness tips with a meditation

Missed Happily Better After’s Juneteenth celebration? No worries watch the wellness tips & meditation that Alyssa shared for navigating a pandemic and the continuous reminder of the systematic injustices and discrimination that we experience on a regular basis.