Let’s Get Digital: Making Virtual Therapy Private

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused disruptions in our lives including how we can attend therapy. Virtual/ Telehealth sessions are continuing to be a norm during this time to ensure that we can access our sessions while taking our safety and social distancing into consideration.

At first, virtual sessions with our therapist can feel a little uncomfortable. We find ourselves questioning whether or not we are actually getting the privacy at our homes that we really want, especially if our sessions include things we wouldn’t want those we live with to know about or if we don’t want them to know we are doing therapy!

Luckily, there are thousands of people who have also had to navigate this shift each day for their sessions as well. Here are some tools to ensure that you are getting the privacy you want while doing your therapy sessions during the outbreak!

1 . White Noise

Just as technology has made things easier with connecting with others during this time, it has also made things easier when taking our privacy into consideration. Hold off on spending your money on a noise machine and use your phone! Spotify, Youtube, and even the App Store have various free options to play white noise on your phone. Putting your phone outside of your bedroom and playing one of the white noise tracks helps to ensure that what you are sharing during your session is unheard by those in your home.

2 . Get Some Fresh Air

Currently, as we are navigating the COVID-19 outbreak, depending on where you live, it is okay to go for a walk as long as you do not have the Corona Virus. Check-in with your therapist to see if you can ditch the video for your session and instead do a call so that you can walk around outside (away from people of course) and ensure that those in your home do not hear you and are unaware of your session. Prior to doing this, ensure that you are following your city’s or state’s regulations during the outbreak!

3 . Get Creative!

Regardless of if you do or don’t want to let those in your house know you’re in therapy, identifying a place to sit for your sessions can take some creativity. Think outside the box and identify a location that gets less traffic during your session time. Your car, backyard, or even your bedroom are potential options to ensure that you get the privacy you deserve during your virtual sessions.

Have other tips for getting privacy during your virtual sessions? Share them in the comments!

About Alyssa McCall

Alyssa is a psychotherapist in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Her research specializes in raising career self efficacy and self esteem in women of color as well as media's impact on these items.

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